Uncle John

Uncle John has two passions - seeing the world and good food!

Through his travels, long evenings spent dining out and good home cooking; Uncle John has developed a thorough knowledge and understanding of tasty and well cooked food.  Whether it be roasted, boiled, grilled, barbecued or smoked; basically quality food that is prepared authentically!

One of Uncle John's all time favourite bites has always been the German smoked sausage, and his dream has been to bring a range of high quality smoked Bockwurst sausages served up with delicious sauces and side dishes.

Whilst travelling through Germany, the home of the Frankfurter, Uncle John researched authentic production methods and traditional flavouring techniques until he found the perfect sausage; made from quality cuts of pork with the right balance of tasty herbs and spices... pepper, paprika, parsley and chives to name a few.

Uncle John then needed the perfect partner... AAK Foodservice! With their impressive portfolio of high quality foodservice products, expertise, knowledge and most importantly quality sauces which create fantastic menu ideas. Uncle John could soon see his dream coming true.

All that was left to do was to give his premium smoked Bockwurst the Uncle John seal of approval; his name and his signature.

Not resting on his laurels, Uncle John has been on a voyage of discovery to find new, exciting and interesting ways to serve his Signature Hot Dogs - read about them on his 'Top Your Dog' pages!

His journey of discovery continues still...


Uncle John’s Signature Hot Dogs
Premium Beechwood Smoked Bockwurst Sausages

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