Dude Food

9 Dec, 2014

British newspaper The Telegraph reported in 2012 that 'Dude Food' was the latest fad to hit the UK; but 2 years on this hot trend is showing no sign of cooling down...

In June 2014 food trend researchers Horizons published how casual, hand held and easy to eat foods where bigger than ever.

With Hot Dogs meeting both the Dude Food and Casual Dining trend perfectly it is no surprise to see Hot Dogs have raised in popularity on menus by 86% over the past year* with this rise in status the Hot Dog has knocked British classic Scampi and Chips from the UK’s Top 20 Most Popular Menu Items*.

Dude Food does not translate as food just for men, but rather classic junk food done to a high standard with both authenticity and individuality. Restaurants have premiumised their junk food offerings with gourmet versions of burgers and Hot Dogs to further attract audiences to indulge in Dude Food dishes. Creative toppings provide a breadth of options for customers; or having a ‘build your own' option is popular allowing the customer to customize and create their Top Dog.

Horizons noted that as well as classic junk foods appearing on menus more often so have ‘Man VS Food’ dishes.* Food reality TV show ‘Man VS Food’ has been on our screen since 2008, and although the show ended in 2012 reruns are still attracting viewers and enticing food outlets to create their own take on ‘Man VS Food’ offerings, whether it be a dual against heat or sheer volume, this Dude Food trend is a winner!

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*Horizons - Hot Dogs become the nation’s fastest growing menu item 19.08.14

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