Uncle John's going to The Casual Dining Show 2015

18 Feb, 2015

The Casual Dining Market has hit the UK in a big way. In the past five years the foodservice industry has seen a phenomenal growth in visits to Casual Dining Restaurants such as TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut and Wagamamas.

Annual traffic in 2014 to Casual Dining eateries has increased by just over 11%. That 11% equates to a footfall of 47 million! 47 million of us all opted for a tasty bite to eat, at a reasonable price, in an atmospheric dining spot.  And these were the reasons given to why the UK has been so taken with Casual Dining Restaurants.

The average bill per head in a casual dining restaurant was reported at £11.90, in a full service restaurant you would look to pay £15.17.

Casual Dining provides good quality food at an affordable price, with speedy service and a trendy and fun atmosphere for diners.

Foodservice insight experts Horizons have reported that eating out operators are continually adapting their menu’s to keep up with customer demand for casual dining type dishes. Dishes most notably favoured and copied have been hand held and easy to eat foods such as hot dogs and burgers.

Additionally Casual Dining allows diners to experiment and customize dishes to their liking, with a choice of tasty sides and sauces.

Uncle John’s Signature Hot Dogs epitomise casual dining! Hand held or a main dish served with fries and smothered with tasty sauces. The Hot Dog allows customisation on every level because the only thing which stays the same is the meaty bockwurst; which compliments an array of textures and flavours, dress it up with onion rings, potato dippers and slaw – or down with just a bun and sauce.

Next week Uncle John’s Signature Hot Dogs are hitting the road to attend The Casual Dining Show 2015 where they will be handed out to all who visit the AAKitchen stand G21. Along with fellow foodservice brands Lion Sauces, Prep High Performance Oil and Prep Premium Infused Oils to help customers customize their John!

We will report back on Uncle John’s journey to The Casual Dining Show next week and bring you some brand new recipes!

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